Summer is coming and she might bring us some hot days bringing the problem to keep your house cool and comfortable. One of the methods to keep your house cool during the summer months is to let fresh air into your house during the evenings and nights and block sunlight during the day, these and other climate control methods can be easily automated by the NETIC main unit and the NETIChome climate control modules.

Let the cool evening air in

window opened by NETIChome shutter moduleIf temperatures are on the chilly side after the sun goes down the best is to crack a few windows open to let a breeze come through and cool the house. Be sure to close the windows before the temperature starts to rise again. NETIChome has a module designed that can be used to control the opening and closing of your windows. The NETIChome shutter module can be used to control the motor of blinds, windows, rollers, shades, garage doors, gates, venetian blinds, etc. Besides controlling your window the module can measure the temperature by attaching an optional external temperature sensor.

Once you have the NETIChome shutter module and a temperature sensor installed the only thing that is left to do is to make a scene within the NETIChome interface telling to open the window in the evenings and close the windows when the temperature starts to increase.

Instead of a time based trigger (after sunset) you could also use the illumination sensor to detect if the sun is still shining on your windows.

Keep the shades drawn during the day

Another method to keep your house cool in the summer months is to close the curtains or shades when the sunlight streams through the windows. When the sunlight shines trough your windows it creates a miniature greenhouse effect in your home thus making the heat in your house rise quickly.

The NETIChome shutter module can close your window covering depending on defined triggers such as on a certain time, e.g. sunrise or on a sensor value change e.g. temperature rise or increase of the value of the illumination sensor.

Then when a second trigger is set such as sunset or on a sensor value change e.g. temperature decrease or decrease of the value of the illumination sensor the window covering can be opened again.

Make sure your ceiling fans are running counter clockwise

A lot of people don’t know this but modern fans will have a little switch on the side to reverse their direction. You want the fan to go clockwise in winter to push warm air down and reverse it in the summer to circulate cool air.

The NETIChome dimmer module can be used to control the ventilator speed as well. Just like the shutter module you can connect an external thermostat to the module to measure the temperature, which then can be used again to execute a trigger to e.g. start the ventilator at a defined speed and e.g. close the windows and windows covering.

Control your air-conditioning unit

A/C control moduleLast but not least is the NETIChome A/C control module with the help of this module you an include your air-condition unit into your NETIChome powered smart home giving your air-condition unit access to an array of sensors and other type of modules. Having your air-conditioning unit connected to NETIChome gives you not only the possibility to climatize your house correctly it will allow you to manage the temperature in your home more efficient and environmental friendly then before.

If we use all previous mentioned NETIChome modules and combine them into one network you will have a nice cool house this summer.

In the evening, when the sunsets your windows covering are opened and the windows are opened allowing cool fresh evening air to get into your home. Because the windows are opened your air conditions is automatically turned off.

When the sunrises and sunbeams are hitting your window the windows and the windows covering is closed, keeping most heat out. To make the warm air goes upwards to the ceiling NETIC tells the ceiling ventilator to start spinning. The big array of sensors in your house are constantly measuring the temperature and when the temperature rises in the heat of the day then the your air condition starts to cool down your house all fully automated.