Weather Station

Qubino Weather Station is used for measuring indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, rainfall amount, wind direction, velocity, gust, temperature and chill. Sensors collect 10 values (end points) all together.

The remote weather sensors include two Thermo-Hygrometers (with LCD display), Anemometer (Wind Sensor) and Rain Sensor. All data collected by the sensors are transmitted to the Weather Station USB Key by wireless RF. Due to USB Key which acts as a converter all 10 values (end points) from sensors are presented in Z-Wave network.


Wind Gauge (operated by solar panel)

1. Wind direction
2. Wind velocity
3. Wind gust
4. Temperature
5. Wind chill



Rain sensor

6. Rainfall measurement

2x Thermo-Hygro Device

7. & 8. Indoor/Outdoor temperature
9. & 10.  Indoor/Outdoor humidity



Weather Station USB key (suitable for USB power adapter)

– Collects data from sensors
– Rendering 10 measure points to Z-Wave network

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