The battery powered siren is used to warn you with a visual and audio signal

Only four simple steps will get you started with the siren


1. Connect the NETIC main unit to the power grid and the Internet
2. Include the siren into your wireless NETIChome network
3. Name the included siren module using the NETIC web interface
4. Control the siren from anywhere using either your Android phone, iPhone or your computer

Audible and visual light indicator

The indoor siren integrates both a siren and red strobe light into one small package making sure that it can’t be ignored. The selectable sounds levels (90dB and 100dB) makes sure that when the siren is activated it can be heard throughout your house. The siren is triggered (activated or deactivated) by a secured wireless signal from a connected sensor.



Avoid disruptive wiring by using wireless technology

When using the siren you will not need to use any wiring to integrate the siren into your home automation network. Instead the siren uses a low power, secured wireless technology to communicate with your home automation network making the siren blend into your home.

Control the siren in your browser with NETIChome for your browser

You can change the way the siren is displayed with in the NETIChome for your browser interface by changing the siren icon and the widget title, giving you an interface that fits your home environment.


NETIChome siren an iPhone

Control the siren from your iPhone

Once the siren is included into your NETIChome automation platform you can control the siren via your iPhone. Click here to read more about NETIChome on your iPhone.

Control the siren from your Android powered device

Once the siren is included into your NETIChome automation platform you can control the siren via your Android powered phone. Click here to read more about NETIChome for Android.


Become a NETIChome partner

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