Smart Meter

This Z-Wave module is used for energy measurements in single-phase electrical power network till 65A. Meters measure energy directly in 2-wire networks according to the principle of fast sampling of voltage and current signals. A built-in microprocessor calculates energy, power and power factor from the measured signals.

The module can be controlled through Z-wave network and it acts as repeater in order to improve range and stability of
Z-wave network.

It is designed to be mounted on DIN rail.

*COMING SOON: The only Z-Wave - DIN rail - Smart Meter supports the latest and the safest communication protocol for Smart Home devices - Security 2 (S2).

Electrical diagram 230VAC:

Smart Meter Diagram
LILive input
NINeutral input
LoLive output
NoNeutral output
1Input for IR external relay/Ext. relay
2Neutral lead for input
4Live lead for External relay output
5Output for External relay (max. 3W)
SService button (used to add or remove module from the Z-Wave network).
LED1Green – Power on (solid) / no ID (blinking slow 1s) / Inc./Exc. mode (blinking fast 0,5s)
LED2Yellow on – output on (any) / Yellow off – outputs off (both)
IROutput for IR external relay
1imp/WhRed – Pulse rate

External relays

The module can control electrical devices (switching on/off) with:

  • one BICOM432-40-WM1 Bistable switch (32A) controlled by built in optical (IR) communication port and
  • one IKA232-20/230 V Contactor (32A) controlled by output on terminal 5.
wiring diagram

External relays wiring diagram

Reduce energy consumption & decrease your electricity costs and contribute to a greener environment

Energy consumption

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