RGBW Dimmer

This Z-Wave module is designed to control your RGB/RGBW strips and LED strips or bulbs in order to create countless color options. It  includes 6 special scene effects (Ocean, Lightning, Rainbow, Snow, Romantic and Party scene). The wide range of colors lets you “paint” your home according to your mood. Highlight your favourite wall by illuminating a picture on it in tones that you choose yourself. The module can work in combination with the other Z-Wave devices in your house. You can control it either remotely through the Z-Wave network or through wall switches.

Electrical diagram:

This module is used to control RGB or RGBW LED strips and RGB light bulbs. It also supports the connection of four independed light bulbs.

Scene effects

RGBW Dimmer allows you to choose between six different scene effects:

Ocean (soft flowing between shades of blue color), Lightning (fast flashing of white color), Rainbow (flowing between colors of rainbow), Snow (flowing between shades of white & cyan), Romantic (soft flowing of the red color), Party scene (random flashing between colors)

0 ° C

Extended operating temperatures from 0 to 40˚C.


Avoid disruptive wiring by using wireless technology

When using the module you will not need to use any wiring to integrate the module into your home automation network. Instead the module uses a low power, secured wireless technology to communicate with your home automation network making the module blend into your home.

RGBW Dimmer can be used as repeater to increase your smart home network range

RGBW Dimmer works an a transceiver which means that it can both transmit and receive Z-Wave radio signals giving extra functionality to the module. The module will receive weakened signals from surrounding Z-Wave modules and retransmit these with full signal strength, routing the signal around obstacles and so called radio dead spots.


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