Flush dimmer module is used for dimming the light or to manage the speed of a fan.

4 simple steps will get you started with the dimmer

1. Connect the NETIC main unit to the power grid and the Internet
2. Include the dimmer module into your wireless NETIChome network
3. Name the included dimmer module using the NETIC web interface
4. Control the dimmer module from anywhere using either your Android phoneiPhone or your computer

Big range of bulb types

The first (MOSFET switching) dimming module in the world which also supports control of low voltage halogen bulb with electronic transformer and dimmable compact fluorescent light. The dimmer supports also the classical incandescent lights, halogen lamps operated by 230 VAC (High Voltage Halogen), dimmable fluorescent lights and dimmable LED lights.

NETIChome double on/off switching module

The most simplified installation

The extremely small size and special designed casing ensure the most simplified installation (ease of cabling fixing) inside a flush mounting box. Proved and tested by professional electricians.

1. Remove the dimmer from the flush mounting box and disconnect the wires from the dimmer.
2. Connect the wires to the dimmer module and insert the module back into the box.
3. Put back the dimmer into the flush mounting box.

The smallest module

The major part of the modules is only 7 mm high

NETIChome dimmer module with dimensions

-10 ° C

Extended operating temperatures from -10 to 40˚C.

Reduce energy consumption & decrease your electricity costs and contribute to the greener environment

Extremely low own energy consumption, less than 0,7W.

The module is measuring the power consumption of the connected electrical device in Watts and the total power consumption in kWh. The power consumption data can be easily collected and aggregated without any additional costs.

Energy consumption
NETIChome single on/off module

Additional functions make your home even more connected

The module can be used as an extension for control the heating/cooling system. The module has the option to connect a digital temperature sensor.

Used module also for scenes and triggers execution and increase comfort and security with additional sensors. Dimmer modules has two free binary inputs.

Option 1: dimmer + additional 1 push buttons for scenery
Option 2: dimmer + additional 1 push button for scenery and temperature sensor
Option 3: dimmer + additional 2 push buttons for sceneries and temperature sensor

Top quality and long durability

We believe that products should be made to last, therefore we have selected only top quality electronic components.

Safety test of temperature rise, construction requirements, insulation resistance and electric strength, overload test according to EN 60669-2-1 standard done by an independent institute (SIQ – Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology).

Top quality

Avoid disruptive wiring by using wireless technology

When using the module you will not need to use any wiring to integrate the module into your home automation network. Instead the module uses a low power, secured wireless technology to communicate with your home automation network making the module blend into your home.

The dimmer can be used as repeater to increase your smart home network range

The dimmer works an a transceiver which means that it can both transmit and receive Z-Wave radio signals giving extra functionality to the module. The module will receive weakened signals from surrounding Z-Wave modules and retransmit these with full signal strength, routing the signal around obstacles and so called radio dead spots.


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