NETIC main unit


The NETIC main unit is used to manage and control the connected NETIChome devices, such as Dimmer, Shutter, On/Off, Double on/off, temperature sensors, and many others

You can use your existing WiFi network giving you great value for your money

NETIC has been designed and developed as a low cost introduction home automation solution for installations that already have a pre existing Wi-Fi connection available. Using this approach enables you to build a complete smarthome on a budget.

NETIChome wired


Expand your network when you grow

The NETIC product line is designed in such a way that like a puzzle you can add additional home automation modules to your home automation network at anytime. If you decide to start small with only a simple light and temperature sensor you can do so while giving you complete scalability to add e.g. climate control and door sensors in the future.

Easy accessible trough your browser

Get easy and fast access to your home automation solution on our Mac Os X®, Windows® or Linux powered computer. NETIC has a build in web server giving you the possibility to access your smart home by simply open your browser.



Communicates with your mobile devices

NETIC can be accesses anywhere from your smart phones (iPhone® / iPod Touch® / iPad® / Android®) using NETIChome mobile an application developed specifically for your mobile device. Using NETIChome mobile gives you full secured access to each element of your smart home where ever you are.

Avoid disruptive wiring by using wireless technology

When using the NETIC main unit you will not need to use any wiring to integrate the NETIC main unit into your home automation network. Instead the NETIC main unit uses a low power, secured wireless technology to communicate with your home automation network making the NETIC main unit blend into your home.


Become a NETIChome partner

We are always looking for new distributors, if you want to become a NETIChome partner then go to our partner page to find out more about a NETIChome parnership.