PWM thermostat

Discrete Z-Wave PWM thermostat to control floor heating

The most simplified installation

Installation of the module is carried out in two parts.

The first consist of mounting the module inside a mounting box, which is really simple due to the extremely small size and special designed casing (ease of cabling fixing). Proved and tested by professional electricians.


Temperature sensor can be installed inside temperature sensor casing (find here more about temperature sensor casings) or according to user needs (inside the tube of the water boiler for temperature sensor, on the water pipe, …)

Linear valve control – stable temperature

Liner water flow control avoids temperature fluctuation

Linear valve control – stable temperature

Liner water flow control avoids temperature fluctuation

No batteries required – Connect directly to water floor heating system

As it is connected directly to either 230VAC or 24VDC, no batteries are required.

Hidden thermostat – clean walls

There is no need to have big room thermostat on the wall, because the temperature set point is set through a Z-Wave network.

Energy saving

If the window is open, the thermostat will stop heating to prevent energy lose.

Works perfectly with Danfoss Thermal Actuator TWA-Z


Blister packaging is designed for retailers but at the same time it ensures lower cost of delivery.

Package contains: 1 module, 1 temperature sensor and 1 User manual

Energy consumption

Reduce energy consumption & decrease your electricity costs and contribute to the greener environment

Extremely low own energy consumption, less than 0,7W.

Module is measuring the power consumption of the connected electrical device in Watts and total consumption in kWh. The power consumption data can be easily collected and agregated without any additional costs.

Top quality and long durability

We believe that products should be made to last, therefore we have selected only top quality electronic components to, e.g. OMRON relay due to its proven quality and durability.

Safety test of temperature rise, construction requirements, insulation resistance and electric strength, overload test according to EN 60669-2-1 standard done by an independent institute (SIQ – Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology).

Top quality

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