A/C control

NETIC a/c control

The battery or USB powered A/C control module is used for controlling your air conditioning unit.

Only four simple steps will get you started with the A/C control


1. Connect the NETIC main unit to the power grid and the Internet
2. Include the A/C control into your wireless NETIChome network
3. Name the included A/C control using the NETIC web interface
4. Control the A/C control from anywhere using either your Android phone, iPhone or your computer

Control your air conditioner locally or remotely

The air conditioner control is an infrared extender module specially designed for air-conditioner control. It fits into NETIChome network by converting NETIChome commands to infrared commands that your air conditioner understands. To speed up configuration the air conditioner module has a build in a list with commands of the most common air-conditioner models available on the market.

No tools required

No tools required when installing the A/C control

No drilling is required or better said no tools are needed to install the A/C control in your home. Simply place the A/C control where you want it to be and connect it wireless to your home automation network.

Avoid disruptive wiring by using wireless technology

When using the A/C control you will not need to use any wiring to integrate the A/C control into your home automation network. Instead the A/C control uses low power, secured wireless technology to communicate with your home automation network making the A/C control blend into your home.



The A/C control can be used as repeater to increase your smart home network range

When the A/C control is connected to the power via a USB adapter then the AC/control works an a transceiver which means that it can both transmit and receive Z-Wave radio signals giving extra functionality to the module. The module will receive weakened signals from surrounding Z-Wave modules and retransmit these with full signal strength, routing the signal around obstacles and so called radio dead spots.

Control the A/C control in your browser with NETIChome for your browser

You can change the way the A/C control is displayed with in the NETIChome for your browser interface by changing the A/C control icon and the widget title, giving you an interface that fits your home environment.

Control the A/C control from your iPhone

Once the A/C control is included into your NETIChome automation platform you can control the A/C control via your iPhone. Click here to read more about NETIChome on your iPhone.

NETIChome ac control on an iPhone


Control the A/C control from your Android powered device

Once the A/C control is included into your NETIChome automation platform you can control the A/C control via your Android powered phone. Click here to read more about NETIChome for Android.

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