Nova Gorica – December 11, 2014. Goap d.o.o. Nova Gorica, the leading provider of smart home products and services has today announced a strategic partnership with Handels GmbH to provide its customer base the NETIChome® smart home solution.

Due to the used wireless technology NETIChome® introduces a flexible and scalable smart home solution into newly build houses as well as existing houses. Each home automation module within the NETIChome® is designed for maximum comfort and quick installation, no invasive construction needs to be done when installing NETIChome® into your house or apartment.

The partnership was announced today at their headquarters in Eisenstadt.

Partnership between and Goap.d.o.o.“Having a smart home does not only bring you comfort and ease, it will also help you to reduce the carbon footprint by e.g. adjusting the temperature in your house based upon various sensor in and outside your house.”, said Leon Kralj, Goap’s CEO. “With as partner we are bringing energy awareness, energy saving as well as an extra level of comfort to the houses in Austria.”

“The question on the table is not if people want to have a smart home, but rather how a specific smart home will look like.”, said Günther Baumgarten,’s CEO. “With NETIChome® in our product portfolio we can put a smart home technology into any house or apartment on the market and the best thing is that we can do it today!”

Goap’s and’s shared vision for this partnership is to bring an affordable, scalable and user friendly smart home solution on the Austrian market.

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goap-logoGoap is known for its smart and energy saving solution in residential buildings, commercial buildings as well as in the leisure industry. Goap has developed numerous automation and energy saving solutions, which are available under the brand NETIChome and Qubino.

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About is a supplier of electrical installation materials in the field of electrical wiring and installations. Furthermore, has a collection of energy saving solutions in their portfolio.

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