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NETIChome can only be used in small flats

Obvious the answer is False. NETIChome uses Z-Wave for communicate between devices. All devices that use Z-wave are able to relay messages to one another, so there is no need that all of the devices are in direct range of your NETICmain unit. To ensure longer battery life, devices without an external power supply do not transfer information from other modules but theirs signals can be routed by another constant-power nodes. Also you can add additional NETIC main units to your installation if needed to increase the coverage or number of connected devices. This allows use of our system in almost every location.

To top it all up we have a NETIChome repeater module that can be put simply into your wall power socket, the repeater module relays the ZWave messages from other NETIChome devices to give them an extended range of communication. Find out more about the NETIChome repeater module at