After a hard day of work in a hot office it’s very relaxing to cool down in your own private swimming pool. Unfortunately having your own swimming pool is also a lot of work, turn on and off the pumps, the lightning and some decorations around the pool like a waterfall. Then to make sure that the pool is covered at night and opened when it’s warm enough. If you have to do this all by hand there is not much time to relax when you come back home after a hard day of work, that is where NETIChome comes in. NETIChome have a collection of modules that can help you with the daily tasks to manage your pool.

Do swimming pool pumps have to run all the time?

Swiming pool pumpThe swimming pool pump is the main part of the swimming pool circulation system. The pumping system clears debris from the water and keeps the chemicals within the water mixed by pushing the pool water into the filtration system and back out again. It is generally recommended that all pool water undergo filtration every 24 hours, the pump does not need to run all the time. To keep the pool clean and fresh it is enough to run the pump several times per day for short periods of time. If you want to activate the pump only once per day then start with activate the pump for six hours, never go below five hours, especial in the summer months. If your pool is in constant use you may need to run the pump for up to eight hours per day while frequently checking the water clarity and chemical balance.

If you use NETIChome to control your pump action then you can do much more then turning on/off the pump. To start with you can check the energy consumption of your pump and you might come to the conclusion that the pump is not every energy efficient. It might be that a using a smaller pump running it a few hours per day will be sufficient effective and will drastically reduce your electricity bill.

If you use the NETIChome on/off module or the NETIChome double on/off module to turn on and off your pump you will have the possibility to attach a sensor to the module, this sensor could be used to measure e.g. the water and/or air temperature.

Find out if your swimming pool is leaking

NETIChome flood sensorWater and electricity don’t mix, therefor making sure that you detect any water leak early within your swimming pool pump and filtration system is crucial. The NETIChome flood sensor is the product you need. Just place the sensors leak detection elements to where you expect a potential water leak and include the sensor within your NETIChome wireless network and you are ready to go.

Depending on your electrical installation and wishes you can configure the NETIC main unit to send you an email and/or SMS alert when a leak is detected or you can go even be extra secure and turn of all electrical elements around your swimming pool such as pool lights, garden lights, etc.

Pool lightning

Swimming pool lightsAdding lights to your pool not only illuminates the pool and its surroundings, but makes it safer to swim in the evenings or at night. When using the NETIChome on/off or the NETIChome double on/off module you can turn on/off the pool lights above the ground as well as pool lights within the pool. Pool lights within the swimming pool in general use a lower voltage, e.g. 24 volt for safety reasons. Both the NETIChome on/off and the NETIChome double on/off module can be used.

With the help of the NETIChome for your browser you can create scene and schedules that will turn on/off your lights on selected time intervals. Additionally you could use the illumination sensor to detect the light level and depending on the light touching the sensor turn on/off the swimming pool lights. As with any NETIChome device you can turn on and off the pool lights via your Android phone or iPhone as well.

Covering your swimming pool

Swimming pool coverCovering your swimming pool will keep your pool clean and can save you on some heating cost. If  you have a swimming pool cover that can be closed electrically then you can can integrate it within your NETIChome powered smart home with ease. Most likely you’ll need the NETIChome shutter module, to make sure ask your electrical installer, to give the commands to the motor of the swimming pool cover. Then in the evening you can automatically close the pool cover and open it again in the morning (or have it done on command via the NETIChome for your browser interface or mobile phone).

You can also make a smart swimming pool coverage by connecting one or two temperature sensors to your NETIChome modules. One temperature sensor would measure the water temperature and the other temperature sensor would measure the air temperature. When the air temperature is cooler than the water temperature the swimming pool cover would then automatically close. If the air temperature is warmer than the swimming pool water the cover would open making sure the water gets heated by the sun.

Swimming pool security and safety

Swimming pool safetySwimming pool security and safety is not something you are thinking of when you are making a pool but with NETIChome you are in safe hands. NETIChome products can be put into your house when you are building a new house or when you are renovating your existing house… or adding a swimming pool. Two efficient methods of swimming pool security would be to put the four sensor that checks if someone is in the pool, depending on the scenes you have setup within NETIChome you can send an email or SMS warning, turn on the pool lights or override the closing procedure of your swimming pool cover. Additionally you can use our ip camera and have it overlooking your swimming pool.

Disclaimer: NETIChome products can be used as a great add-on for swimming pool safety and security, never the less we recommend to have always human supervision when someone e.g. children are using your pool.