kranjska_gora1Last week our NETIChome – home in your hand team spent two days in beautiful Kranjska Gora, Slovenia where we had an intensive preparation for our longest jump ever. Professor of business economics Marko Jaklič helped us enhance our knowledge of entrepreneurship and innovation and for our physical condition we visited the valley beneath the Ponce mountains which extends into one of the most beautiful parts of the Julian Alps – the Tamar Valley. We climbed to the top of the highest sky flying hill which confirmed our belief that only the sky is the limit. Continue reading

Nova Gorica – December 11, 2014. Goap d.o.o. Nova Gorica, the leading provider of smart home products and services has today announced a strategic partnership with Handels GmbH to provide its customer base the NETIChome® smart home solution.

Due to the used wireless technology NETIChome® introduces a flexible and scalable smart home solution into newly build houses as well as existing houses. Each home automation module within the NETIChome® is designed for maximum comfort and quick installation, no invasive construction needs to be done when installing NETIChome® into your house or apartment. Continue reading

How to save energy the smart home way

In the first part of this article series we’ve been talking how you can measure electrical power consumption and discover when you have energy peaks. The information you’ve gathered can be used to find electrical devices that consume a lot of power and which could most likely be replaced by energy efficient devices. You can also find out which electrical device use a lot of electricity and maybe you can use this device in the evenings or weekends when electricity is cheaper. In this article you’ll learn how you can use NETIChome to save even more energy thus reducing your energy bills. Continue reading

Energy saving

A smart home powered by NETIChome not only make your life safer, more convenient and more fun but NETIChome can also help you to save energy and money.

The global average electricity consumption for households with electricity is roughly 3,500 kWh which comes to approximately 875 euro. The average gas consumption for a household is approximately 1434 m3 gas per year, which comes to a price of approximately 932 euro per year. Adding the total cost of energy and gas together comes to approximately cost of 1807 euro per year for an average house hold. Continue reading

Consumers are on the lookout for smart home technology. A survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders asked consumers which home technology features were on their wish-list and these were the top 10 response:

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