Company GOAP d.o.o. is a innovative company and primarily focused on the development of its own quality high-tech and innovative automation products and solutions. GOAP’s products, registered under the brand NETIC, are widely used in hotels, residential buildings, office buildings and cruise ships.From its establishment in 15th of October 1990, GOAP became one of the recognized and leading providers of automation and energy efficient heating and air-conditioning solutions for cruise ships. The company has transferred its knowledge to land-based businesses and solutions as well, where the GOAP’s main activity today is implementation of comprehensive automation systems for different types of buildings.

We guarantee that our solutions easy to use, scalable to your requirements and contribute to lesser energy consumption and consequently to a greener environment.

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  • Goap d.o.o. Nova Gorica

  • Ulica Klementa Juga 7

  • 5250 Solkan

  • Slovenia

  • +386 5 3359 500