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Extremely powerful 3-phase energy meter

3-Phase Smart Meter is used for energy measurements in three-phase electrical power network.
It reduces energy consumption, lowers your utility bills and improves efficiency in residential, industrial and utility applications.

The module can be controlled through Z-wave network and it acts as repeater in order to improve range and stability of
Z-wave network.

It is designed to be mounted on DIN rail.

Top Advantages

It is extremely versatile and powerful Z-Wave device for measuring energy in a three-phase electrical power network of up to 3 x 65A.

The only three-phase smart meter worldwide which allows connection of additional relay contactors and DIN rail support.

Control other devices in your Z-Wave network

Connect the 3-Phase Smart Meter with other devices in your network to remotely and automatically trigger another Z-Wave device. And have other Z-Wave devices trigger your NETIChome 3-Phase Smart Meter.

L1l,L2l.L3lLive input
NINeutral input
L1O,L2O,L3OLive output
NoNeutral output
16Input for IR external relay/Ext. relay
15Output for External relay (max. 3W)
SService button (used to add or remove module from the Z-Wave network).
LED1Device status. For detailed information please check the chapter "LED SIGNALIZATION FOR INCLUSION/EXCLUSION"
LED2External relay status. For detailed information please check chapter "LED SIGNALIZATION FOR INCLUSION/EXCLUSION"
IROutput for IR external relay (BICOM)
1000imp/kWhRed – Pulse rate (On - no load indication)

Some devices in your household consume too much energy

The 3-Phase Smart Meter can automatically turn devices/lights off after they exceed the set power consumption. For example, the heating will automatically turn off after it reaches the set power consumption value. This function is independent of other scenes and gateway (hub) commands.

Energy consumption
Top quality

Top quality and long durability

We believe that products should be made to last, therefore we have selected only top quality electronic components.

Safety test of temperature rise, construction requirements, insulation resistance and electric strength, overload test according to EN 60669-2-1 standard done by an independent institute.

Avoid disruptive wiring by using wireless technology

When using the module you will not need to use any wiring to integrate the module into your home automation network. Instead the module uses a low power, secured wireless technology to communicate with your home automation network making the module blend into your home.


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